Regional Occupational Programs

MetroED is a joint powers agency consisting of six school districts in Santa Clara County. Regional Occupational Programs are available for high school students at their home high school. There are a variety of opportunities available.

Branham High School
  • International Cuisine and Computer Graphics and Webpage Design
Del Mar High School
  • Construction Technology, International Cuisine, and Commercial Photography
Leigh High School
  • Computer Graphics, Webpage Design, and International Cuisine
Prospect High School
  • Accounting, Computer Graphics, Webpage Design, International Cuisine
Westmont High School
  • Agriculture/Business, Construction Technology, Metal Fabrication, Computer Programming, International Cuisine, Commercial Photography, Computer Graphics, and Webpage Design

Andrew Hill High School
  • Merchandising, Careers with Children, Child Development, and International Cuisine
Evergreen Valley High School
  • Business Ownership
Independence High School
  • Accounting, Merchandising, Computer Information Technology, Drafting, Modern Manufacturing, Business Ownership, Computer Graphics, Auto Systems Preventative Maintenance, and Auto Systems Chassis System
Mt. Pleasant High School
  • Animation and Merchandising
Oak Grove High School
  • International Cuisine & Hospitality
Piedmont Hills High School
  • Business Ownership, Computer Graphics, Computer Information Technology, Computer Graphics, Construction Technology, International Cuisine, and Merchandising
Santa Teresa High School
  • Merchandising
Silver Creek High School
  • Business Ownership, Computer Information Technology, and Merchandising
Yerba Buena High School
  • Computer Information Technology and Merchandising

Los Gatos High School
  • Construction Technology, Drafting, Engineering Technology, Modern Manufacturing, International Cuisine, and Fashion Design
Saratoga High School
  • Animation, Child Development, and Construction Technology

Milpitas High School
  • Computer Applications, Marketing & Technology, Travel Destinations, International Cuisine, Engineering Technology, Commercial Photography, Digital Imagining/Desktop Publishing, Engineering Technology, and Drafting

Gunderson High School
  • Construction Technology and Drafting
Leland High School
  • Animation, Commercial Photography, Computer Applications, Media Arts, Electronic Music, and Multimedia Design
Lincoln High School
  • Commercial Photography, Media Arts, and Multimedia
Pioneer High School
  • Construction Technology, Drafting, Multimedia Design
San Jose High Academy
  • Drafting, Computer Programing, and Multimedia Design
Willow Glen High School
  • Commercial Photography and Multimedia Design

New Valley High School
  • Retail Sales
Santa Clara High School
  • Animation, Commercial Photography, Computer Graphics/Webpage Design, Computer Applications, and Video Production
Wilcox High School
  • Auto Systems Preventive Maintenance, Auto Systems Chassis System, Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management, Fashion Design, Marketing & Technology, and Retail Sales
Wilson High School
  • Retail Sales